A company without values ​​is like a ship without a rudder. Values ​​are always seen and experienced as the prerogative of the individual, but a company, with the right orientation, behaves just like a “single individual”. So it really makes sense to talk about CORPORATE VALUES. We like ours very much: they talk about us.

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We love our job! We believe in customer care, and we pay great attention to his “experience” in our Trattoria. We take care of you starting from the smile, to the music, to the light of the spaces, to the cleanliness, to the love for what you do.
We believe that product quality is essential to achieve our goal and make you have a true culinary experience. We believe that a smile is the basis of life and that a good mood goes hand in hand with food: if both are present at the table, magic works. We began our career as catering entrepreneurs in 1998 and have never sold “water” since then. We have always served it in microfiltered glass bottles and included in our service. We believe that water is not a good to sell. We have never used plastic. No cutlery, glasses, take-away plates, bottles, straws or other short-use plastic items.
We believe that the heart is a good yardstick to evaluate the value of our choices. For this reason, since the birth of the Trattoria del Tempo Buono brand, we have been inspired by this quote from Castaneda: “Each street is only one of a million streets. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a road is only a road. If you feel you don’t have to follow it, you don’t have to do it under any circumstances. All roads are the same. They lead nowhere. Everything depends on whether that road has a heart, it is the only data that matters. If he does not have a heart, it is the wrong path ”.


Culinary Delights


Our menu features traditional Italian specialties with a lot of attention to local cuisine. All our dishes are homemade, like all our desserts. Some of our recipes are registered trademarks, as a sign of great commitment and respect for tradition without neglecting our desire for innovation.

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In Trattoria you can taste the traditional flavors of Italian and Emilia Romagna cuisine. Fresh egg pasta and filled pasta are at the center of our menu, which also leaves plenty of room for regional recipes.
For lovers of fresh pasta we suggest the three tagliatelle with sangiovese and squacquerone braised sausage, with Bolognese and Romagna-style ragù; in winter tortellini in capon broth and the ever-present lasagna with 11 layers.
For meat lovers we offer the flambé roast with white wine accompanied by rustic potatoes with rosemary or the homemade meatballs, stuffed Bolognese courgettes as well as a careful selection of meats and cheeses.
For snack lovers, we recommend that you visit us during the “snack” and taste our variety of small plates, where tradition is presented in small and substantial tastings.
For vegetarians there is no shortage of tasty dishes such as the ‘Pallotte cacio e ova’ of the Abruzzo tradition, spaghetti with tomato sauce and the inevitable ricotta tortelloni. All the vegetables used are exclusively in season.

Our kitchen is also suitable for people who love or must eat gluten-free.



riga gialla


Our products are the expression of our passion. Our egg pasta is handcrafted every two days and still uses 10 eggs (farmed on the ground) in 1 kg of unrefined flour. Desserts are a pampering for the spirit and we do our best to cheer it up.


riga gialla


Our Bar offer is food oriented. We have a refined selection of vermouth that you can try straight or with soda: a timeless old flavor.
The meal can also be accompanied with a selection of 4 draft beers, from Guinness to the very Italian cold-filtered Moretti. To close the dinner it is also possible to get excited with our premium cocktails, do not miss our martini cocktail or our negroni.


Who we are

Gabriele Ferri

His path has been characterized by many interests: from politics, to radio experiences and for 12 years the owner of a drink bar. Hospitality and familiarity are its points of reference.

Gaetano Lanza

Catering entrepreneur since 1998. Already at the age of 22 he opened his first tavern. Expert in effective communication and “Food Thinking”, he is often engaged in training courses. Eclectic and communicative, he loves pizza and smiles that don’t lie.

We are the Trattoria where you can eat genuine products in “proximity” with the territory, in harmony with the producers and with the short supply chain.
A place that loves attention to detail and that focuses on the relationship with guests, even before starting to talk about food. An intimate space where you can spend your time pleasantly, tasting specialties of our incredible Italian cuisine.

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We are located in the heart of Bologna in a beautiful square, Piazza San Martino, which houses our outdoor terrace in an authentic and vital setting.
We are a “young” staff (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit) and experienced, as well as close-knit for years of working together … we love our job and always do our best!

“Authentic cuisine at a sincere price”.





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